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Mar 14, 2017 : MOBILE - ARE YOU BEING LEFT BEHIND [part2]

The smartphone is always on us or in sight through out the day and most of the evening. The web is on us and at any moment we can use it to access it and we do... Even when we are in front of a desktop. This opens up a whole new world for a small to medium business where you can be doing business after business hours.

Your potential customers are mostly time-poor so to effectively complete a task is a satisfaction and that is where a website created to work on mobile will benefit you business greatly…



Your website responds to all mobile form factors.

The mobile site loads under 3-5 seconds.

The main navigation is visible, simple in presentation,

and easy to use.

Your mobile site puts "mobile tasks" (eg: active and

touchable phone number, interactive map, shop

button, etc…) front and centre.

Your site is easy on the eyes working your existing branding,

and easy to read… this is important.

Local search, which is where the mobile platform thrives,

especially in the tourism market.

When done correctly a strong direct call to action... how

can you resolve their "pain-points".

Easier access to promote your site via their social media.

Able to have your site behave like a native app and be

bookmarked to their home screen.



We have a savvy mobile-user community and more and more if your site is not mobile-friendly you are being left behind… no one has the time to pinch and zoom your desktop site on their mobile device to try to find what they are looking for, and if your are using flash then part of your site will not show on mobile. This is also a great disadvantage to the new millennium customer who has mostly grown up with mobile, and who now more than ever take into consideration the presentation and social standing of a business - this is where your branding can be bruised!


Mobile is the preferred go to when looking for information, looking for a business, doing research, or checking out the next purchase and the internet is full of supporting statistics, including Google. It is a good idea to check out your own website statistics to see how your website is being interacted with on mobile devices, and anything over 5% is 5% of clients your are missing out on. The ongoing mobile-user average is now 30-40% peaking at 60-70% with certain industries…

Are you missing out?


Feb 20, 2017 : MOBILE - ARE YOU BEING LEFT BEHIND [part1]

The internet is moving at a break-neck speed and daily we are exposed to new ways to interact with it. One of those ways has been the mobile revolution, but more specifically the smartphone revolution where a user can view anything through a smartphone browser that could only be done on a desktop. But here is where to problem lies... The pre 2010-2012 web was all based on desktop, where now there is more smartphones shipped than desktop which makes for a "mobile-first world". The web is now viewed through more mobile devices (this includes tablets as well) than desktops and most of the business websites out there are desktop designed.


The web is based on pixels and the standard desktop website design is based on 960px minimum width to anything up to 1440px and beyond in width which can now include your Smart TV. The smartphone viewport is at its smallest 320px to 480px and then we move into tablet territory, followed by laptops. The old-school websites (built for desktop) are being forced into a smartphone viewport which leads to just outright frustration, and todays mobile web savvy user has no tolerance for this shortsighted oversight - so they leave and most likely will not return. This means there goes your potential online business to a competitor that has embraced the "mobile-first world"!



A number of dedicated statistical firms have made it their job to see and understand the working of mobile and how it is being used today and where business can benefit. The following statistics gives insight into the "mobile-first world"...



There are now 69% of mobile user penetration

[30%+ growth year on year].

49% of mobile users rate pinch and zoom as a common

frustration, followed by slow performance and poor


57% of customers won't recommend a business with a

poorly designed mobile site.

40-45% of consumers have turned to a competitors site

after having a bad mobile experience.

77% of mobile searches are made where a desktop PC

is available.

An average of 57.5% of emails are now opened on

smartphones followed by 18% on tablet with the

remaining opened on desktop/laptop computers.

Mobile organic search gives more business.

It was projected for 2016 there was to be $142Billion

in mobile transactions.
[source: think with Google]

By 2018, more than 50% of users will use a smartphone

or tablet first for online activities.
[source: Gartner]


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